An adopted daughter of two loving moms

Westfield, MA, United States


Westfield, MA, United States

I was A foster child for 11 years of my life and was adopted by two loving mom's at the age of 13. I am a kid who happens to be gay as well but i knew that years before i ever met my new parents. I was watching the news constantly when the whole mass marriage thing became legal and when it finally became legal I convinced my two moms who had been together over 6 years before we met to marry. They finally did it despite them constantly saying that their marriage would be overturned anyway. I am 18 now and i can vote on the issue if it ever comes to that and i have helped out with MassEquality by speaking at a marriage forum at my college HCC and also attending the St. Patrick's Day parade and handing out postcards.

Recently I had actually written a pro con essay in my English class on gay marriage and trust me finding the cons was actually quite difficult. There really are no cons unless you count the conservative major religions that say there are. And the only secular point i could find was the thing on pro creation. Who wants more people on this planet anyway? We are so over populated it's scary. I also found quite a few history pros, like the fact that gay marriages have existed since before and after the Christian era. Hell even the Native Americans had done so by taking the effeminate men as their wives. I love my parents despite how much we may not always get along and i love myself and if i ever do find the right man and want to get married, I would like the right to do so because it is my first amendment right.

Written 4/21/2007