Call Today: Ask Your State Legislators to Support LGBTQ Rights!

Action Alert: Ask Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor Our Priority Bills!

Photo of the Massachusetts State HouseNow that bills have been filed for the new legislative session, we need your help to ensure that the bills on our Champions Agenda for this session (see below) gain important early support. Please contact your state legislators and urge them to sign on as co-sponsors of our bills. The deadline to co-sponsor bills is this Friday, February 1, 2019, so please call today!

Don't know who your state legislators are? Visit and enter your street address to find their names and contact information. Then call your legislators' offices, and urge them to co-sponsor the bills listed below.

Thank you for helping us gain support for our 2019 Champions Agenda and move LGBTQ rights forward here in Massachusetts!

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The MassEquality 2019 Champions Agenda

A group of young people march down a street holding a giant rainbow flag over their heads.An Act relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity in minors - HD.2848
This bill, also known as the Conversion Therapy Ban Bill, would prohibit licensed mental health professionals from trying to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a minor. If the bill passes this session, Massachusetts would join 15 U.S. states plus Washington, DC in banning this practice.
Lead sponsor: Rep. Kay Khan

An Act Relative to Healthy Youth - HD.827/SD.579
This bill would ensure that students receive medically accurate, comprehensive and age-appropriate sex education information in school.
Lead sponsors: Reps. Jim O’Day and Paul Brodeur, and Sen. Sal DiDomenico

The nonbinary pride flag, with horizontal yellow, white, purple and black stripesAn Act relative to gender identity on Massachusetts identification - SD.2047
This bill would allow an applicant to designate "X" instead of "F" or "M" on their birth certificate, driver's license, state ID card or liquor purchase ID card, as well as direct the Attorney General to report on other state forms that require a gender designation and the purpose of the requirement.
Lead sponsor: Sen. Jo Comerford

An Act relative to gender identity on Massachusetts identification - HD.840
This bill would allow an applicant to designate an “X” gender marker instead of “F” or “M” on their driver’s license or state-issued ID card.
Lead sponsor: Rep. David Linsky

Photo of a row of jail cells viewed through a transparent rainbow flagAn Act Relative to the Collection of Data on LGBTQI Prisoners Held In Restrictive Housing - HD.1126/SD.2094
This bill would require correctional facilities to collect data and regularly report on the status of LGBTQ prisoners held in restrictive housing and solitary confinement in the Commonwealth.
Lead sponsors: Rep. Ruth Balser and Sen. Julian Cyr


An Act to promote efficiency in co-parent adoptions - HD.3261/SD.1875
This bill would streamline the process for co-parent adoptions by LGBTQ couples who petition to adopt their own children in order to ensure universal recognition and respect for their parentage.
Lead Sponsors: Rep. Kay Khan and Sen. Becca Rausch

Photo of a judge's gavel resting on top of a thick hardcover bookAn Act relative to the reform of unconstitutional archaic laws - HD.185
This bill would repeal archaic laws criminalizing sodomy that remain on the books and could threaten LGBTQ people in the future.
Lead sponsor: Rep. Jay Livingstone

An Act establishing the Massachusetts Law Revision Commission - HD.224
This bill would create a standing commission to review Massachusetts laws and identify archaic language that should be repealed.
Lead sponsor: Rep. Jay Livingstone

Photo of tablet displaying a word cloud featuring terms related to HIV and AIDSAn Act Relative to HIV Prevention Access for Young Adults - HD.1945/SD.2115
This bill would allow youth to access preventive health services, removing a significant barrier to critical care.
Lead sponsors: Sen. Julian Cyr and Rep. Jack Lewis


An Act relative to Massachusetts home care eligibility - HD.1964/SD.1894
This bill would lower the age at which HIV survivors become eligible for Home Care services, extending needed care and support to people experiencing early-onset aging symptoms due to HIV.
Lead sponsors: Rep. Sarah Peake and Sen. Pat Jehlen

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