Deborah Shields, JD, MPH, Executive Director

Shields, JD, MPH
Executive Director

Deborah Shields JD,MPH spent over twenty years working with people with HIV/AIDS, first serving as an attorney at Harvard Law School's AIDS Law Clinic and later as the Executive Director of the AIDS Project and AIDS Lodging House in Portland, Maine. She also served as the Executive Director of the Maine Sexual Assault Coalition and the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition. She has worked as a policy analyst, legislative campaign director, and legal advocate in various social justice and public health organizations. She has been involved in LGBTQ civil rights issues since high school, and was heavily involved in the Massachusetts and Maine campaigns to pass LGBTQ civil rights, marriage equality and protections for people with HIV/AIDS. She served as a founding board member of Outright, Maine’s first organization for LGBTQ youth. Deborah serves as adjunct faculty at the University of Southern Maine and the University of New England’s School of Public Health.