Giving Stock to MassEquality

Thank you for your interest in donating stock/securities to MassEquality. With a gift of stock, you can support MassEquality’s work and secure tax benefits for yourself at the same time. We recommend you consult with your professional tax and financial planning advisors for information about the impact of your stock gift on your taxes and financial goals.
We accept gifts of stock through electronic transfer to our brokerage accounts. Please note that it typically takes two or three business days to complete an electronic stock transfer. Stock gifts made via electronic transfer are credited to the donor on the date that the shares are received in our brokerage account.
Please note that, due to the political nature of our work, stock gifts to are not tax-deductible. However, donations to the MassEquality Education Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor, financial planner, or other professional to determine the likely impact of your stock gift on your taxes and financial goals. 
Specific instructions for how to electronically transfer stock are posted on Fidelity’s website. Click the link that reads, “How can I gift stock out of my brokerage account?” to view the instructions. To contact Fidelity’s Customer Service department for additional assistance, call 800-343-3548.

To donate shares of stock:

  1. Instruct your broker/banker to transfer shares electronically to or the MassEquality Education Fund using the information below.

    Brokerage Account: National Financial Services LLC/Fidelity Investments
    DTC Number: 0226
    MassEquality Contact: Mark Williams
    Phone Number: 617-878-2300 Account Number: Z69-091839 Tax ID: 04-3581319

    MassEquality Education Fund Account Number: Z69-094900
    MassEquality Education Fund Tax ID: 20-0816574

    Be sure to give your broker or banker the correct account number and tax ID for the entity you are directing your gift to.
  2. After instructing your broker to transfer the shares, please email a copy of your instruction letter to our Development Department, so we can match your name with your stock gift when it arrives, and be prepared to assist your broker in case of any questions about, or issues with, the transfer. 
Thank you for your support!