Great News: Yes On 3 Wins!

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November 7, 2018


Green and yellow sign that reads, "VICTORY: Transgender Equality Upheld in Massachusetts"

Massachusetts Votes to Protect Transgender Rights

The people of Massachusetts spoke loudly and strongly with yesterday's vote to uphold the Commonwealth's transgender anti-discrimination law. The Yes votes poured in from across Massachusetts, and at last count, more than twice as many Yes votes were cast than No votes. With this vote, Massachusetts becomes the first state in the nation to uphold transgender protections at the ballot box.

This historic and closely-watched vote affirms what we've always known: that the people of Massachusetts will not be taken in by appeals to fear and hatred, but will stand together against discrimination.

“Yesterday’s vote made history for transgender people, both in Massachusetts and across the country," said MassEquality's Executive Director, Deborah Shields, in a statement released today.

“Massachusetts has a long history of supporting fairness and inclusion. With yesterday’s vote on Question 3, the people decisively affirmed the values of justice and equality that are the hallmarks of our Commonwealth. Thousands of voters across Massachusetts went to the polls to defend everyone’s right to use and enjoy public spaces without fear of discrimination," she continued.

MassEquality thanks the hundreds of volunteers who spent countless hours reaching out to voters ahead of yesterday’s election; our coalition partners who dedicated their efforts to defeating this shameful attempt to deprive transgender people of their rights and protection under the law; the businesses, law enforcement officials, faith leaders, legislators, progressive organizations, celebrities and ordinary citizens who spoke out and took action in defense of this law and of transgender people; and the voters who sent a clear and powerful message to the nation: Massachusetts stands for fairness and equality for all.


From defending transgender rights to protecting LGBTQ youth and elders from abuse, there's more work to be done!

MassEquality works hard every day to pass laws and support policies that promote LGBTQ equality in Massachusetts, and to elect candidates to public office who will fight for our rights on Beacon Hill and across the Commonwealth.

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