Join Us in Pledging to Fight for Transgender Rights!

Dear Friend,

Exactly one year from today, discrimination will be on the ballot in Massachusetts.

Last year, as a founding member of Freedom for All Massachusetts—the state campaign working to uphold these non-discrimination protections—MassEquality worked hard to update Massachusetts law so that transgender people would be protected from discrimination in places of public accommodations, like restaurants, retail shops and doctor’s offices.

But now, anti-LGBT extremists have succeeded in placing an initiative on the 2018 ballot requiring voters to uphold the law—or it will be repealed.

That’s why today, one year out from Election Day 2018, MassEquality is asking you to commit to voting to uphold non-discrimination protections for our transgender friends, family and neighbors.

Last year’s victory was the culmination of a decade-long campaign to get these protections written into state law—but those gains could be wiped out in an instant if we don’t get every single one of MassEquality's supporters in Massachusetts to the polls next year.

If we can mobilize our voters, then we win. Because we know the overwhelming majority of Bay Staters believe in fairness, and want these protections upheld. And with so much at stake, we are not going to sit by and watch a small-but-vocal group take these protections away.

Mark: As one of MassEquality's strongest supporters in the Bay State, we’re counting on you to stand with Freedom for All Massachusetts and commit to voting to uphold transgender equality on November 6, 2018!

Signature of Deborah Shields, JD, MPH





Deborah Shields, JD, MPH
Executive Director, MassEquality