Marriage Equality Works for Massachusetts

Marriage Equality Works

Five years after Massachusetts began granting civil marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the vast majority of people in Massachusetts feel that marriage equality has benefited not only couples and families, but society as a whole.

This site is a resource to help marriage equality supporters around the country tell the story of marriage in Massachusetts. Here you can learn the facts about equal marriage rights in Massachusetts, access tools to help educate the public in other states and donate to this important work.

Today, more than 16,000 gay and lesbian couples in Massachusetts are legally married and enjoy all the rights, responsibilities and protections that come with a civil marriage license. With your help, we can spread the word nationwide that marriage equality strengthens families, builds a strong society, and bolsters our economy.

Research and Reports regarding marriage equality in Massachusetts:


Marriage Equality Works video commemorating the 5th year anniversary of Marriage Equality: