MassEquality News - July 7, 2017

MassEquality News

July 7, 2017


Happy Birthday, #TransLawMA!Person signing a poster with the text of the Transgender Anti-Discrimination law

Saturday, July 8th, marks the first anniversary of Governor Charlie Baker signing the Transgender Anti-Discrimination bill into law, making Massachusetts the 18th state to fully protect transgender people from discrimination. This historic event was the culmination of a decade-long campaign that brought together a diverse coalition of people and organizations, united in the belief that everyone deserves access to public spaces without fear of harassment and discrimination.

MassEquality's members and supporters like you were vital in the effort to pass this law—we couldn't have achieved this victory without your help.

When the law was signed last year, we joined our transgender friends and neighbors in celebration, and we'll do the same this weekend. But even as we look back proudly at the work we all did to make Massachusetts a better, safer and more welcoming place for everyone, we must also prepare to defend this historic victory.

Opponents of transgender equality have put a question on the 2018 ballot that would repeal the Transgender Anti-Discrimination law that we all worked so hard for and won last year. They've already started their campaign to use scare tactics and lies to convince Massachusetts voters to take away these common-sense protections from our transgender neighbors.

We cannot let a small but vocal minority turn back the clock on equality! We must fight back and win again!

That's why we're asking you to join other MassEquality members in taking action to defend our victory. There are two important things you can do today to protect #TransLawMA from repeal:

1. Keep MassEquality fighting strong for equality and fairness for all with your donation in support of our campaign to defend #TransLawMA!

2. Commit to upholding #TransLawMA at the ballot box in 2018. Sign the Freedom for All Massachusetts pledge to vote to protect transgender rights now!

It may seem like 2018 is still far away, but our opponents aren't waiting until then, and we can't wait either. Starting today, we must fight even harder to defend equality in Massachusetts. And we'll be able to fight more effectively with your support.

Thank you for joining us in protecting transgender rights!

[Photo credit: Citizen signing of the Transgender Anti-Discrimination law, by Mark Williams]