MassEquality News (October 30, 2018)

MassEquality News

October 30, 2018

One week until Election Day!



Plan Ahead and Get Ready to Vote!MassEquality's "Voting While LGBTQ+" flyer. Click here to download (PDF).

From the slate of pro-LGBTQ candidates running for state-wide office to the YES on 3 campaign, MassEquality supporters have many reasons to go to the polls on November 6th!

We encourage you to make a plan to vote ahead of the election, so you'll know where your polling place is and how you'll get there. Some people may need to make additional plans to vote successfully. Download and print our Guide to Voting While LGBTQ+ (PDF file) for more information and suggestions to help ensure you can vote on November 6th.

Massachusetts introduced early voting last year, so if you'll have trouble getting to the polls on November 6th, you can cast your vote between now and this Friday, November 2nd. For more information about early voting, visit


A transgender pride flag flies on a flagpole against a light blue backgroundVote Yes on 3 to Protect Transgender People in Massachusetts

You've probably heard the disturbing news that the Trump administration plans to erase transgender, intersex and non-binary people from existence under federal law. That means our statewide law protecting transgender people could become our last line of defense and best hope for justice in the face of discrimination.

In light of this cruel attack on transgender people by the federal government, voting to uphold our Transgender Anti-Discrimination law is even more important than before. In just one week, these vital legal protections could be wiped away at the polls, leaving our transgender neighbors even more vulnerable than before.

We simply cannot let that happen.

But we can't do this alone. We need your help to uphold the law that protects our transgender friends and neighbors. Here are two important ways you can make a difference...

1. Help us spread the word: Vote Yes on 3 on November 6th!

You know that defending the law protecting transgender people is important, but many other Massachusetts voters don't know this repeal effort is even on the ballot. You can help us reach many more people and encourage them to vote Yes on 3 by using Voter Circle, a friend-to-friend outreach tool that lets anyone, anywhere, contact members of their personal network who are registered voters in Massachusetts. All the instructions are here: Use this link to complete Voter Circle (it takes about 15 minutes):

2. Help us Get Out the Vote

The Yes on 3 campaign is planning their GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts to increase voter turnout, and they need your help to spread the word even further. You can help by signing up for a GOTV shift at Shifts start on Saturday, November 3rd and run through November 6th. The full list of shifts is available on the sign-up page.

Thank you for taking action and helping defend the law that protects our transgender neighbors!

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Vote for LGBTQ Champions on November 6th!MassEquality PAC 2018 Endorsements Flyer. Click here to download (PDF)

Not only is MassEquality deeply involved in the Yes on 3 campaign to uphold the law that protects our transgender neighbors from discrimination in public spaces, we're also working hard to elect more LGBTQ champions to statewide office and keep our current pro-LGBTQ legislators working for our community on Beacon Hill. This year we've endorsed eighteen candidates for statewide office, including both incumbents and challengers.

Please download our updated Endorsement flyer (right) that lists all of our endorsed candidates for the November 6th election, and take it with you to the polls. You can learn more about MassEquality's endorsed candidates and volunteer to help their campaigns at




A person wearing blue jeans and red, white and blue shoes stands to the left of the letters O T E written in red chalk outlined in white on a sidewalkMA Election Dates to Remember:

Early Voting is October 22nd - November 2nd

General Election - Tuesday, November 6th


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From defending transgender rights to protecting LGBTQ youth and elders from abuse, there's more work to be done!

MassEquality works hard every day to pass laws and support policies that promote LGBTQ equality in Massachusetts, and to elect candidates to public office who will fight for our rights on Beacon Hill and across the Commonwealth.

Your gift in support of our work is now more important than ever...

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