Support Equal Treatment of LGBTQ Prisoners

Take Action: Support Protections for LGBTQ Prisoners in MA!Hallway with jail cells on either side, overlaid with a transparent rainbow flag

The Massachusetts Senate is set to start debate on the criminal justice reform bill this Thursday, October 25th. Senator Julian Cyr has filed an amendment to the bill meant to guarantee equal protections for LGBTQ prisoners in the Commonwealth.


The goal of this amendment is to make needed reforms and provide protections for transgender and gender non-conforming people incarcerated in Massachusetts. It would do this by updating current Department of Corrections policies to include:

  • Allowing inmates to be addressed in a manner that corresponds to their gender identity
  • Housing placement decisions that consider the safety of transgender inmates
  • Providing access to commissary items that are consistent with the prisoner's gender identity
  • Mandating access to healthcare providers specializing in transgender health for inmates who have received a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Finally, the amendment would establish a special commission to study the health and safety of LGBTQ prisoners. This study would result in a detailed report after one year.


We can’t take success for granted, so we are asking for your help in advocating for the passage of this amendment. Senator Cyr will continue to work closely with his colleagues in the Senate to garner support, but we need you to reach out to them as well. Please contact your state Senator TODAY and urge them to support Amendment #1 to the criminal justice reform bill.

Don't know who your state Senator is? Go to and enter your street address in the form, then click the Show my results button. Scroll down the Results page to find your state Senator and their contact information.

Thank you for your time and help in securing equal protections for LGBTQ prisoners.