Take Action Against Trump's Anti-LGBTQ Executive Order

MassEquality News

February 3, 2017


Stand Up Against the Threat to LGBTQ Rights!Rainbow flag with "Hate is not a family value" written on it

As you may have seen reported in the press this week, a potential executive order would seek to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ people on broad religious freedom grounds. While a final version of the order will probably differ from the draft version, which was leaked to the media on Wednesday, the content of the draft order is deeply troubling to MassEquality and other LGBTQ rights advocates across the nation. If signed as is, this order would be the most extreme anti-LGBTQ action ever taken by an American president.

The language of the draft executive order positions sweeping exemptions from federal anti-discrimination laws as necessary to protect religious freedom. Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of American values, and it is enshrined in and protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. But freedom of religion does not give people the right to impose their beliefs on others or discriminate.

Exemptions from our laws, such as those outlined in the draft order, allow people to pick and choose which laws they will follow or ignore. This undermines the very foundation of our legal system—that everyone must be treated fairly and equally before the law. We cannot give people license to discriminate and undermine our core values.

This extraordinary and dangerous executive order has the potential to reverse decades of progress in civil rights for LGBTQ people, including possibly undoing much of the work MassEquality and our supporters have worked hard for here in Massachusetts. We cannot let that happen.

Since the draft order was leaked to the press, there has been significant media coverage and public outcry against it. The White House has not yet taken action on the order or released any statement about it. This means we have an opportunity now to speak out against this terrible executive order and let President Trump know that we won’t stand for him signing away our rights.

Here are four ways you can take action:


  • Contact your U.S. Congresspeople and tell them to fight back against this and all attacks on LGBTQ rights by the Trump administration. Don’t know who your Congressional representatives are? Go to www.wheredoivotema.com and enter your email address to find out, then scroll down the page to locate your U.S. Senators, your Congressional Representative, and their contact information.

  • Contact the White House to let President Trump know that you strongly oppose any attempt to reverse LGBTQ rights or provide religious exemptions from anti-discrimination laws. You can send an email to the White House at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact. The White House Switchboard phone number is 202-456-1414.

  • Join a protest against the executive order. MassEquality and other LGBTQ rights organizations across the country are encouraging people to attend rallies nationwide at 6 PM local time on the day the executive order is signed. We will post details about rallies in Massachusetts when that information becomes available.
       In the meantime, a
    Trans and Queer Liberation + Immigrant Solidarity Protest is currently scheduled for Sunday, February 5th at Boston City Hall at noon. Should Trump sign this executive order on another date, the protest will be rescheduled. Visit the Facebook Event page for the protest for more information.

  • Friend us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on this proposed executive order and any actions organized in response.

Thank you for taking action to preserve LGBTQ rights in Massachusetts and throughout the U.S.!