On behalf of the Board of Directors of MassEquality, we are pleased to announce that Deborah Shields, JD, MPH, an experienced LGBT advocate and attorney, has accepted the position of Executive Director.
     Deborah’s previous leadership positions were with the
Oct 23, 2015

MassEquality is thrilled to report that on July 29 the Massachusetts House and Senate voted unanimously to override the Governor’s FY16 budget veto and restore $2 million in funding for housing and wraparound services for unaccompanied homeless youth and young adults. Thank you for your advocacy efforts!

Jul 30, 2015
Contact: Michael Givens
Communications and Public Relations Manager
617-878-2300 (o)
857-244-0218 (m)
Jul 23, 2015
Contact: Michael Givens
Communications and Public Relations Manager
617-878-2300 (o)
857-244-0218 (m)
Twitter: @massequality
MassEquality Responds to EEOC decision
Jul 21, 2015
Today, Governor Baker signed the FY16 Budget into law. MassEquality was pleased with most of the budget outcomes, but disappointed that the Governor vetoed $2 million in funding for the new line item 4000-0007 to provide housing and wraparound services to unaccompanied youth and young adults through age 24 who are experiencing homelessness. But you can help!
Jul 17, 2015

On Wednesday, the House and Senate voted to pass the FY16 Conference Committee Budget (HB 3650). MassEquality is thrilled to report that all of our requests to the Conference Committee were honored. The budget is now on the Governor’s desk.

Jul 8, 2015

 BREAKING: MassEquality Applauds U.S. Supreme Court's Decision Establishing a Constitutional Right for Same-Sex Couples to Marry

Jun 26, 2015

In response to the tragic shooting that took the life of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina earlier this week, MassEquality released the following response: 

Jun 19, 2015

The House and Senate have now passed their respective FY16 Budgets. The next step in the process is for an appointed Conference Committee (3 Representatives and 3 Senators) to reconcile the House and Senate Budgets and produce a Conference Committee Budget. The Conference Committee Budget will then go to the House and Senate floor for a vote and then to the Governor’s Desk.

Please contact the following Conference Committee legislators to support the below FY16 MassEquality budget priorities:

Jun 9, 2015

May 22 — After several days of debate, the Senate passed their FY16 budget shortly after midnight on May 22.

May 22, 2015