We believe that transgender people deserve full equality.
We believe that LGBTQ youth must be protected from the harmful practice of "conversion therapy" to change their sexuality or gender identity.
We believe that LGBTQ elders deserve culturally competent care.
We believe that LGBTQ homeless youth should be able to make their own healthcare decisions.
We believe that all youth deserve to receive comprehensive, medically accurate and age-appropriate information in sex education courses.
We believe that no one should face unfair barriers to accessing healthcare, and that patient privacy and confidentiality must be safeguarded.
We believe everyone deserves to have their decisions regarding reproductive healthcare respected, and to be able to access affordable reproductive healthcare services and products.

The 2017 LGBTQ Champions Agenda

From transgender equality to important protections for LGBTQ youth and seniors, there's still more work to do! MassEquality supports the following bills that will directly impact the LGBTQ community. Learn more about our LGBTQ Champions Agenda for the 2017 legislative session.