Equality Matters to Real People: Our Stories

Larry Sylvia
Mattapoisett, MA

What marriage has ment to me and Roger. Roger for the first time in 9 years can feel loved and express his love and not feel like a 2nd Class Citizen. This has alowed Roger a 28 year old guy to grow and finally not feel...

Joseph Fazio
Northampton, MA

I was witness to a 'legally-sanctioned' ceremony between my very dear friends Donna Wilkins-Carmody and her partner of 11 years Kathy Wilkins-Carmody, in the backyard of their home in Northampton, Ma, last summer.


Audrey White
Worcester, MA

I am a straight member of Grace Congregational Church, UCC in Framingham.

Karen Lowens
Hastings, NY

On August 4th 2004 we made legal what had been a commitment for 18 years. Our loved ones were with us to witness our joy. We have been looking for a home in Massachusetts - the only state so far which recognizes the...

Jessica Steytler
Lexington, MA

I am grateful to live in a state that, through the equal right to marry legislation, is proving the world won't come to an end if you allow consenting adults to make their own decisions about the way they want to live...