Equality Matters to Real People: Our Stories

Doreen Payne Mahala
Springfield, MA

Judith and I have a commonplace story. We have been together a long time through sickness and health, houses, kids, mortgage, cars and college educations.

If I were to submit pictures, there would be too many and...

Judy Haigler
Haydenville, MA

My partner and I got married on October 9, 2004 after being together for 18 years.

It was important to us to get married so we can do our part in the struggle for equality. We simply want to be recognized as a...

Paul Mosher
Brighton, MA

In 2,003 my life-partner (Ralph Hakim) and I celebrated our 20th live-in-together year, lover relationship. Not surprisingly, therefore, we are both VERY strong supporters of marriage equality in our state of...

Wilfred Labiosa-Barter
Arlington, MA

It is with great pride that I write this short story on how my life has changed (and that of my spouse) with the May 17 right to marriage for all couples including those who are gay and lesbian and I hope that it gives...

Thomas Jones
Boston, MA

Our story is a "traditional" one, based upon faith and genuine, honst-to-goodness "family values."

My husband and I are both musicians. We met on the stage of Sanders Theater where we were both hired to play a...