Equality Matters to Real People: Our Stories

Lindsay Wells
Cambridge, MA

My partner, Laura, and I were legally married on July 17, 2004.

We had just a few friends and family members at the ceremony. We had been planning to have a larger ceremony this summer, but we wanted to get our...

Stacie Whiting
Rockland, MA

To Whom it May Concern,

My story begins 46 years ago when I was born. Both of my parents, back then, were a closeted "GAY" couple. But back then the times warranted getting married to the opposite sex and having...

Scott Barnes
Scottsdale, AZ

My sister and her partner were recently married. I attended and will remember it fondly forever.

What I remember is my sister getting married. What I remember is her partner marrying my sister. I love them both and...

Marc Johnson
Arlington, MA

On November 13 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) ruled that denying marriage and its protections to same-sex couples is unconstitutional under the equality and liberty provisions of the Massachusetts...

Joanne Colucci
Provincetown, MA

Buddhists believe the lotus which rises from mud and murky waters blossoms into a beautiful flower.

Here is where the story begins for Joanne Colucci and Marilyn Lober.

After visiting Provincetown from New...