Equality Matters to Real People: Our Stories

Thomas Patrick Korsak
Chicopee, MA

"Well, I have to start off by saying up front that I am single. Hopelessly single. BUT I do not plan to stay that way.

I knew years back, growing up in Worcester MA that one day I WOULD get married, have that cute...

Alexander Fisher-Levesque
Westfield, MA

I was A foster child for 11 years of my life and was adopted by two loving mom's at the age of 13. I am a kid who happens to be gay as well but i knew that years before i ever met my new parents. I was watching the news...

Cara Lawrence
Framingham, MA

In June of 2004, our young daughters happily watched as their beloved Auntie Joy and Auntie Debbie were legally married. They understand that "happily ever after" is an equal opportunity fairytale ending! We must protect...

Alicia Zoeller
Springfield, MA

Marriage matters- it matters dearly to my wife Rosemary and I. We are now a legally defined, socially recognized unit. The value of this is immeasurable and has been repeatedly demonstrated during our short marriage....

Regina Kleiner
Chicopee, MA

In 1995, I made a commitment to my intended life partner. At the time, we were not allowed to marry legally. In 2001, we expanded our family with a daughter. Still, we were not able to marry. Also in 2001, my life partner...