Equality Matters to Real People: Our Stories

Noel Bednaz
Southwick, MA

Seven years ago I fell in-love with a beautiful woman named Katherine.

It was love at first sight:) When we first saw each other, it was just like that part in the movie "West Side Story" when Tony and Maria first...

Beth Benoit
Chelmsford, MA

This is a chalice lighting I read at our church on our "first" anniversary.

I have a confession to make. Carole and I have so many anniversaries that we have never decided which one to celebrate. Sometimes we never...

Andrea Bunker
North Attleboro, MA

Separation Anxiety

'Mom, Jane and I will be spending Christmas Eve with you, Dad, and Anthony and Christmas Day with Jane's parents. Is that alright?' I ask with hesitation, knowing my mother loves to play the role...

Fritz Bell
Raymond, NH

Taking the Big Step

My partner, my sister and I spent about six hours putting together announcements for the celebration of our wedding. They had to be something special, after all he is a theatrical designer and I...

Michelle Murphy
Brockton, MA

My wife and i were legally married on May 20, 2004. We had been religiously married already for 9 years.

I recently had to have major surgery. Going in at check-in time, they asked if I was married. I said yes....